Need help Sponge

i downloaded the lates 1.10.2 sponge i dropped it into my mods folder now my game does not want to start up i want to host beyond server

Paste a link to the logs/fml-server-latest.log so we can debug the issue further.

i cant upload to hear? where would u prefer me to upload the doc?

paste it on

There is an incompatibility with Applied Energistics 2 and SpongeForge. You can find more information about this in other topics.
Here is a link to downloads for a patched AE2, GitHub - Stonebound/Applied-Energistics-2: A Minecraft Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world..

Alternatively you can launch the server with SpongeBootstrap

okay server started up now thanks. on last thing where is the plugins folder hehe ?

Plugins are put in the mods/ folder by default

You can specify an additional search directory in the sponge config, see plugins-dir in the config file:

Thanks. I am new to sponge hehe how do i now where to download a plugin/mod 💰 EconomyLite v2.13.0 | API 7.0

On that particular plugin post, there is a link “Download EconomyLite”. That takes you to a link. There is actually another link there that takes you to the Ore post, here: Flibio / EconomyLite
There is a “Download” button on the right

okay thanks does it safe the plugins/mods configs in the mods config folder as well?

Yes, by default all configs go in the config/ directory. Like with the plugin directory, it can be changed in the sponge config

can i copy my normal pex permissions into this one would it work?

Where are the permissions coming from?
If it’s from another sponge server then it should work fine.
If it’s from a bukkit server I think you have to set up permissions again. (don’t quote me on that, I don’t know if PEX has a migration option)

from consel i cant /op myself

PEX should give a message saying that /op and /deop are not used with PEX.
Instead, add yourself to the “admin” group
Here’s a quick cheatsheet of the most common pex actions:

You should still be able to use minecraft:op, for what it’s worth. Also, I highly recommend reading the SpongeDocs - many more questions are answered there, and there’s a guide to setting up a Sponge powered server.