Need help with an internet security thesis

Hey guys, Im working on a thesis for school about increasing the internet security by letting users browse anonymous on the web. For the project we need an experimental part only i got stuck with finding something to experiment.

i already talked about in my thesis:

  • how proxy servers work
  • how the internet in general works(think about a person connecting to google etc.)
  • what TOR is and does(and about onion routing of course)
  • the effect on the internet when people start browsing completely anonymous(think about internet speed, privacy, security and behavior

I already compared the internet speed of a TOR browser with a normal browser like chrome.

if you happen to know a good experiment for me to do, feel free to leave a comment. If you happen to know something that is interesting for me too look into don’t hesitate to leave a comment

love you guys for the help :slight_smile:

You are comparing apples and potatoes…

You can include differences between protocols (http/https,imap,pop,starttsl), tsl/ssl
You could also add principes of building a secure apis oauth v2/oauthv3/saml
things like crypthography, password hashing, salt…