Need help with: Large 3D Models


I’ve a question, if somebody can make 3d models that are larger than 1 block?
Or if somebody knows a program where can I make really large 3d models?
I hope somebody can help me with making one, or giving a anwser which program is good for me.

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How do you mean 3d model larger then a block? Do you mean a block like bed or door where its just 2 blocks to create 1? Or an Entity (such as player, creeper, etc)? Or are you talking about something not minecraft, in which case, how big is your block?


Just a standard Minecraft block so 1x1, but i want to make a 3d model on that block/item, but that 1x1 block needs to look like *For example: a block that is 5x1.
I hope you know what i mean.


So what you want to do is take a block. Say for example the grass block. And you want to stretch/repeate the textures onto a block/entity that could be 5 times in length, height or width?


Yes but then in different shapes and different colors.
(just needs to work in a resourcepack)


I dont know enough about forge but for you to strech textures you would need to use that. If you just want to repeate textures you could use sponge to place a load of blocks in the way that you want. Because they all have the same texture it would be effectively repeating it.

Because you would be placing the blocks in sponge you could make it any shape and would react based on users texture packs too. If you were to do this you would be either using schematic files or vectors. If its schematic files then workedit can create them and your plugin would just paste and make what it places react as a single block. If you want to do vector based then you would need to hard code it into either a config or the code itself


But i need it for a resourcepack, so i don’t want to use mods…


Based on your reaction you want to stretch the textures. But dont want to use mods? I fail to see how you would import the “3d model” if you dont want to use mods


No, but something like this picture. (This is just in the resourcepack)


Ive not worked with resource packs since they has just been renamed resource packs (from texture packs) but im pretty sure thats not possible by swapping the resource pack.

Resource packs (from my really old knoledge) can only change things in game. If you were to change the minecart texture to the passenger part (i dont think changing the physical look of entities is possible) then what is at the front? Only minecarts can run on tracks and the minecarts with the blocks in them are the same texture just with a block in it


This is a diamond sword with custom damage on a armorstand,
and that armorstand is just following a path.
But that’s not the thing i need to know, but on the 3d texture part, if somebody can help me with making one or saying a good program for making one.


Google: “minecraft 3d model maker”


I already tried ‘MrCrayFish’’ but with that programm i can’t make models larger than 1x1 block.
and ‘‘Cubik studio’’ will cost me $20 to buy it. (Not so much money for a 3d model programm :stuck_out_tongue: )
but the model creator from Opls, works fine but its hard to see.

Maybe some other suggestions?


For several years now, the resource packs contain custom files that can be used to redesign the model of each placable block and some entities via a lot of wireframing instructions and images, indeed making it possible to build a little train body for a furnacecart, and passenger-seat units for regular minecarts. Resource pack isn’t just a fancier name than ‘texture pack’ since it truely is resources that can be put together - images, models, sounds… :slight_smile:


Ah ok. I thought they just added the ability to change sounds and thats why they changed the name. My mistake


Blockbench maybe can