Need help with LuckPerms

I set up LuckPerms, and now I cant do any server operator commands. I cant even do /gamemode unless I do it in the console. Is there a way I can have op commands and still have luck perms? or is there a way to make a group that has all the commands? I really need help thanks.

It seems like you dont understand how permissions work within minecraft. Every plugin will have a set number of permissions linked to it which if the permission is given to a player, it activates part of the plugin to that player.

Therefore, “OP commands” will have a permission tied to each command, give yourself the permissions to run the commands and you will be able to run those commands again.

Take a look at luckperms commands. You can add a group with the permissions required, or just add the permissions right to yourself.

Take a look at the verbose command to see what permissions are being checked, so you know what to add

Ok thanks for your help, I will give them to one group. So does LuckPerms get rid of OP completely?

do you know what the permission command for pixelmon is? so I can do /lp user [my name] [the permission node] true?

There are probably a lot of permission nodes for it. You should first check the mod’s documentation to find the permission list. Failing that, take a read of the Luckperms wiki - there are commands in it you can use to find and dump permissions.

ok I will thanks