Need help with PermissionService

Hi, I want to implement the PermissionService for a personal usage, but the API to implement seems a bit complex. More over, english is not my native language, so it’s difficult to me to guess what each methods should do. Since months, this page is still empty. Can someone make me a detailed description of the service ? Fill the docs page, would make benefit everyone.

I for one would be overjoyed if someone could take this page on.
It’s the second oldest issue on SpongeDocs and seriously needs some love. However, the one best qualified for it, the esteemed @zml, is deeply involved in the mad race of development leading to Beta, and may not have much time for documentation.

So please accept out apologies, but no-one well enough versed in the Sponge permissions API has yet stepped forward to take on this challenge. The best advice I can offer at this point is to ask for specific help on #spongedev IRC, or in the Plugin development section of these forums. If you receive enough wisdom, maybe you can help write the docs :wink:

It will be complicated, but I’ll see what I can do ^^

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I would consider this required reading.

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