Need help with permissionsex

Hi everyone i need help i set up a towny server with the city plugin and i need help of someone to set up the permissions becouse i am new on this so i created this new discussion for help me or other people with their server or permissions if some of you could send me a great template i would be very greatfull also if you can reccomend me good plugins to put on it it will help o ok
i dont speak english so sry for my bad english :smiley:

You are better off switch to LuckPerms as Permissionsex is no longer supported or being developed here.

Do you have LuckPerms installed???

Yes, it’s a pretty easy setup, there is also a Discord you can join as well as a wiki for you to read to help with setup

ok thats nice thank you for your help i will download it

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uh… wat?
I haven’t seen anything suggesting that.

Then you missed something important. @zml has been saying for months that he no longer has the time to maintain the plugin (PEX) any more, and that new developers are invited to help shoulder the load. Sad but true.

aww. it was a good plugin.

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