Need help with Pixelmon server


I play on a Pixelmon server with friends that has SpongeForge.
Me and my friends use the command /checkspawns legendary pretty often.
At the beginning there was no problem with the command, but now when my friends or me type
the command in the chat it takes like 20-30sec for it to pop up.
anyone have a idea what could solve this bcs its actually really annoying


Try asking the pixelmon developers. I believe they have a discord service for support.

We are sponge, so we can try and help but probably wont get far (especially the fact I have never used pixelmon).

Can I ask what has changed between the commands running normally and the commands taking a while? As in any new plugins/mods been installed? New world added? Etc?


We didnt add anything might be bcs the servers performance is not that great im trying ras server performance guide rn


You would need to get us a spark or sponge timings report to actually see the source of the lag. Best lag guide I can get to you is from Rasgnarok here. Usually the big culprits are involving world generation.


I do know the command itself causes load issues if its used constantly as it has to check and then load what pokes have a possibility of spawning, etc.