Need help with setting up essentialscmd & luckperms

so i am working on a server but for some reasons the config is quiet weird so i added the permissions into luckpemrs group configs and everytime i do a command like

/sethome and then wanna teleport to a home i get this

also how do i set the ammount off homes people can place? current config

i fixed the commands problem but i am still having problems with setting the max ammount off homes -_-

What permissions plugin are you using? And EssentialCmds has been deprecated for some time now - Nucleus is the current standard.

Luckperms is the perm plugin i am using

still stuck with permissions :confused: gave the group default - nucleus.warp.base but it says that it does not have enough permissions

You probabably also have a blast of errors during startup trying to initialize your plugins, because that isn’t a valid yml file with square braces around your permissions list (a [] in yml is an empty set, not [set goes here] , and without checking to be sure, might not even be the right structure for luckperms…

gues the [] you mentioned is what i meant with thats fixed now i am just having trouble with

“you don’t have a high enough permission to use this command” unless i add the permission onto the user him/herself

as you can see here

the problem is just the error i gave you in this post on top

Set Luckperms into verbose mode (check the wiki), and it will show you all the permission checks it’s doing, and what the results were. That’s the best way to isolate a missing permission node imho.

so you mean editing the nodes trough game instead off trough the yml file? coz with groupperms i was able to do everything trough the config/groups.txt :confused:

No. I mean use the verbose mode of Luckperms to identify the permissions you need. You commented that “you don’t have a high enough permission to use this command” … that’s an easy way to find out what permissions you require. You can add them any way you like, although it is a lot easier to do it in-game. YMMV.

ye thats solved i also found out why it didn’t read the permission nodes :slight_smile: the nodes where added trough text editor while i had to do them trough the game