Need plugin antibot and anticheat

I need plugin about antibot and anticheat for player. Thank you every commment.

well no info? no suggested features? antibot? Bot Developpers allways find a way to bypass anything :wink: i know what i’m talking about since i’m a bot developper myself o_O

Botter reported… :slight_smile:
joking aside @Skrill_Craft is right there is always a backdoor whatever you do

^^ meh i’m making bots wich dos’nt mean i bot myself :smiley: alltough :slight_smile: if you have been botting on serveral games and if you have been a bot/script writer yourself you will know each way the game developper is about to use to go against your skills :wink: so there is not realy a point in making an antibot plugin you can do stuff against botters on your server tough, Creating specific areas where you can see how long a user is mining there, bots usually are online for more than 24 hours in a row some log off more often than usual players :slight_smile: i just do give info about what developpers use to bypass certain antibot features alltough i’m not a java expert :slight_smile: