Need plugins made


ok so I need a few plugins made or setup with configs.

crate plugin for crates - name of the crates i want are (Common) (Rare) (Ultimate) (Legendary) (Rank Up)

add a /shop gui. so when players type /shop they can buy.sell items (i will add the items after or tell u what to add once i know if u can do it)

add a eco plugin related to /shop. what i mean is so that once players sell items thorugh /shop they get money in there /bal.

make a plugin that allows everyone to use /baltop so they can see who is richest!

Paying well, please add me on discord to talk further into it, Tooka#1381


All of these have already been made. Go search for them on


If you need help with configs, you’re welcome to message me on Discord, yepidoodles#5971