Need Plugins!

Hey guys, I have a request for some plugins to be made or if anything similar has been made already:

Plugin #1 - A plugin that lets you warp/tp to a separate world in a single server(sorta like multiworld for bukkit)
Plugin #2 - A plugin that acts like the theme of the Fallout Video Game Series. Basically I want it to be where you can choose where there will be radiation and what items are considered to have radiation in them as well as a radiation HUD.

If anyone can make these kind of plugins, I swear that you will be forever my best friend!!

for plugin 1: ProjectWorlds /world tp < world name >

Cool, you want them. The first one is already made and possible. The 2nd one no.

oh by the way, i forgot to add this to list as well. I knew i was forgetting something and now i remembered what it was. I also need a plugin where you can grown trees without leaves on them in order to fit the theme of my server which is an apocalyptic theme

use world edit and the command for the gnarly hollow treeā€¦ you can make it any size you select