Need Port of the Player Plot Plugin to Sponge


I need a mod/plugin developer fluent in both the bukkit/spigot API and the Songe API to port over the core functionality of the Spigot Plugin “Player Plot” and make some modifications. The finished mod must be compatible with a 1.12.2 Pixelmon Generations SpongeForge server. (current plugins list attached)

I have already contacted the developer of PP and received his consent to proceed with this project.

Please PM me with proposed cost and time estimates to deliver this capability.

Basic User commands/permissions:
[All commands Tab complete-able & have an associated permission]
/plot help - Lists user commands & usage in this list
/plot scan – Shows visual “world border effect” of players plot, and other plots/protected regions around player. [If scan time = 0 this command toggles scan mode on off] (must update in real-time with /plot upgrade/downgrade cmds)
/plot credits – Displays earned / max & unused plot credits [ex. “You have earned 13 out of a possible 25 plot credits in this world, you have 2 unused credits available.”]
/plot claim - Land claim is centered on player location (not chunk based, no region selection tool)
/plot upgrade – Increases the plot level/radius one step based on config setting
/plot downgrade - Increases the plot level/radius one step based on config setting
/plot unclaim – Unprotects the plot and returns all spent plot credits to the players available plot upgrade pool

Basic Admin commands/permissions:
[All commands Tab complete-able & have an associated permission]

  • give/remove <> credits
  • list [lists all plots by <plot record #> <> <> with x,z coords]
  • delete <plot record #> [removes plot definition from active world plots file & stores deleted plot in deleted-plots file for potential recovery]
  • reload [reloads all plot regions from active plots file]

Basic config settings & features needed:

  • English only
  • Full/partial Integration with Universe Guard 2 [whichever is easier, details TBD]
    • PP regions treated as UG2 regions and utilize all flags
    • Ability to define a default PP plot setting file with UG2 region flags
    • Give warning if claim/upgrade overlaps a UG2 region: (T/F)
    • Allow claiming in UG2 regions: (T/F) [default F, & disallow plot claim]
    • Allow upgrading into UG2 regions: (T/F) [default F, & disallow plot upgrade]
    • PP flags override UG2 flags: (T/F) [default F] [Not necessary if fully integrated with UG2]
  • YAML or other easily editable config and data storage file format
  • 1 File per world [containing all player plots]
    • plot data to be stored:
      • Plot unique record number [incrementing alpha/numeric 3 digit #]
      • UUID
      • Player name
      • Plot level
      • x,z center coord
      • x,z NW & x,z SE corner cords
      • Full list of UG2 region flags and settings for plot
      • Etc… other important data I’m forgetting
  • 1 plot claim per player

Config File Items:

  • Use /pplot root: (T/F) [Replaces root commands /plot with /pplot for compatibility]
  • Plot Scan Time: (0 to n seconds) [0 = toggle on/off, any other value runs scan for n seconds]
  • Starting plot credits amount: (0 to n)
  • Maximum plot credits amount: (1 to n) [must be >= than starting amount]
  • Starting plot unit size (radius): (default 4) [yields a level-1 (x,z) 7x7 plot]
  • Plot upgrade radius step (blocks): (default 2) (range 1 to n)
  • Protected Plot Claim entrance message:
    • Message: “You have entered <>'s plot.”
  • Protected Plot Claim exit message:
    • Message: “You have left <>'s plot.”
  • Protected Plot Claim action warnings:
    • Particle: (T/F)
    • Sound: (T/F)
    • Message: “You can not do that here!”
  • Plot world black list: [list worlds here]

Additional Bonus features: [Not required at this time]

  • Plot Deed Item (is a real world item entity)
    • Can be given as loot in chests or via Admin/NPC give command
    • Is bound to the receiving player based on config setting [This may be tricky to implement, TBD]
    • Right clicking consumes the deed & adds 1 plot credit to players pool
  • Config Option: Bind plot deed to recipient: (T/F) [Makes dropped plot deeds unusable by anyone else]
  • /plot sethome – Sets the /plot home warp location [x,y,z:yaw,pitch]
  • /plot unsethome – Removes /plot home warp location
  • /plot home - Warps plot owner to their home destination.
  • /plotadmin listdeleted [lists all deleted plots by <plot record #> <> <> with x,z coords]
  • /plotadmin undelete <plot record #> [restores plot from deleted file to active file]
  • /plotadmin tp <plot record #>
  • Placeholder API compatibility
  • Friends (trust/untrust) [with trust levels, doors/levers/buttons, build/break, chests, etc…]
  • Cost to use /plot home:
    • XP levels: (0-n)
    • Economy: ($0-n)
    • Additional advanced features: Cost increase w/ distance; integration with Waystones
  • Plot upgrade cost: ($0-n)
  • First plot is free: (T/F)
  • Plot upgrade cost increase: (fixed amount increase $, or by %)
  • Allow multiple separate plots per world
    • max # of separate plots per world
    • max # of upgrades per plot claim
    • Total max # of upgrades per world
    • Add /plot list command
  • MySql Integration
  • Journymap home waypoint compatibility

Existing PP Dynmap compatibility not required.