Need some polishing done on old custom plugin

Small pixelmon server owner looking to get one of his older custom plugins a good clean-up.

Work Needed
I had a custom token-type pixelmon plugin done a while ago, but it broke when 7.0 was released. I had it ported, but things got complicated and the polishing was never completed, which is understandable as the person who ported it for me runs their own server as well. Anyway, I need someone to do some “janitor work” on it to make the plugin overall more smooth around the edges. 90% of the functionality wanted is already there. Specifically, what I would need is the changing/deleting of text, changing item displays in GUIs, adding 2-3 GUIs, rearranging some already existing ones, tweaking/adding some of the small functions, and overall cleanup of the code to make future updates easier. I have a full medium-sized list of each individual change if this job does pique someone’s interest.

Some warnings:

  • The plugin is 99% GUIs. (Using HuskyUI)
  • The code is… not the cleanest.
  • 90% of it is Pixelmon-related.

The budget isn’t an issue, just as long as the price is reasonable.

Everything would need to remain private, and I’d need source of the finished product. I have written permission from the original devs to get the work updated as well as the original source. The original devs have no interest in doing any more updates and have essentially ghosted. I don’t have a specific deadline, and do not mind if this is completed the next day or the next week, as long as the timeframe is reasonable.

Discord: Corcustos#0873

Still need this work done, haven’t been able to find anyone willing.

I actually still need this to be done so if anyone is interested please contact me through the Discord listed above. If it would be easier to rewrite the plugin I wouldn’t mind discussing that.