Need some wisdom on Luckperms


I’m having trouble getting it set up. I want to have 3 groups, default, admin, and owner. So far I’ve figured out how to create a group. Started with admin since it was in the docs and thought following it to a “t” was the best approach. Default is no permissions, obviously. With admin, what are useful permissions to give? And how do I figure out the implementation of such permissions? The same goes for the group owner, but I want to add cheat mode for random surprise gifts for early joining members too.

Server is running Forge 1.12.2(, Sponge (7.1.0-BETA-3318) {Latest} on top of the Feed The Beast Continuum modpack v1.3.1 with zero mod additions or removed. Oh and there aren’t any plugins installed other than Luckperms currently. Hopefully I’ve listed everything needed. I haven’t included the Java version because I’ve never needed to know before so never learned how to find out.

Thanks in advance since it’s overwhelming going from a standard modpack server to one that’s large enough to need more than just the mods.


Well, the default permissions are documented here. Aside from that, if the only plugin you have installed is LP, then the only permissions you’d have use for are LP permissions, which LP clearly documents. It’s not some catch-all thing. Each plugin you install will list its permissions, and you would decide which ones you give to yourself, which ones you give to admins, and which ones you give to players. Which ones those are depends on how you want to run your server and what plugins you have installed. We can’t do this part of the work for you.


I did forget to add in that Sponge has taken control of a mod from the modpack and changing the permissions for it does nothing. JEI worked normally, with my having full access to its controls till LuckPerms took all control away. Anyway, I’ll check back tomorrow for wisdom to learn the plugin, rather than just get a link to what I’ve already read. Should have probably said that initially, but hindsight is 20/20.


Are you talking about JEI’s feature to remove items from it? That derives from /give, which you’ll need to add to yourself, or whatever group you need it in. Minecraft command permissions are generally minecraft.command.<commandname> so in this case minecraft.command.give.

I hope this helps,

~ Alice


Do /lp editor, click the link that pops up and you get a very simple to use web GUI.
First, I’d begin by adding weight to the groups, so they are in order.
At the top of your web browser, find and click on ‘default’, then in the “permission” box you add ‘weight.1’.
Hit Enter. Done.

Now do the same with the other two groups before you click the save symbol (top-right).
After clicking save you get a command highlighted in green. Copy this command and paste it into your console.

Now, if you repeat the beginning and get the web GUI back up you’ll see that your groups are in order, and that you’ve just typed in the first few permissions. Continue by adding permission.nodes to your groups, hit save when done, then copy/paste the code.