Need Staff?

I was wondering if you guys need any staff? Are you guys gonna have LiveChat? If so I would be great for a Support Representative

I’m fairly certain they’re quite set with their staff.
Also, I don’t think they’re going to have a “live chat”, lol.

You can go on IRC though.

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Live chat is mainly applicable to businesses offering a service.

Sponge is an open-source project, in which no service is sold.


Almost all server hosts have it (ProMinecraftHosting,SpartanHost, MCProHosting,etc.) I am just wondering :smiley:

This is not a server host.

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This isn’t a server host. This is server software.

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Yeah I’m not sure why you seem to think this is a server host.

Shhh… I didn’t relieze :stuck_out_tongue: jeez…

We currently do not need any new staff members. Thanks for the interest though :slight_smile: