Never heard of Sponge. Trying to make a Fabric modpack but it keeps crashing and giving me a Sponge error. Logs included

Hi! I’m attempting to put together a Fabric modpack through Curseforge and it crashes every time I try to run it. I’ve fixed every error I’ve been able to understand from the logs, but I’m stumped at this point. I don’t know what Sponge is, but I’m getting errors related to it.


Sponge doesn’t have builds that work on Fabric - only SpongeForge (for Forge) and SpongeVanilla.

That may be your problem. Check the SpongeDocs for more info.

See, that’s why I’m confused. I didn’t install it or anything, like I said, I’d never even heard of it before getting an error related to it in my logs. Am I using a mod that requires it or something? If so, how do I figure out which one?

So I don’t know enough about how fabric works to debug that log, however the reason that you’re seeing sponge in the errors is because of this:

Sponge has a library called mixins which is used for runtime manipulation/injection of code.

We use this within the sponge platform, however mod platforms like fabric also use it. The error you’re seeing refers to this, and does not look like an issue with the fabric library, but looks like there’s some mapping issue with one of the mods that are trying to be loaded or something.


Hmm, I guess I’ll try to hash out which mod it is by process of elimination. Thanks for the help!