New Recommended Build

Woohoo! A new SpongeForge recommended build has been made!!!

It’s been a while since we’ve made a recommended build, and there’s been a lot of work put into SpongeForge (more SpongeCommon, but that’s the devil in the details) to fix bugs, improve performance the works!

This new number is 3361!

To give you a rough compiled changeling between the two builds:

  • A HUGE amount of performance improvements to reduce overall memory overhead
  • Fixed several issues with item drops between mobs and protection plugins
  • Updated Timings to version 2
  • Re-organized configuration files for sponge’s tracking system. There’s now a tracking.conf to control tracking availability for specific blocks/entities/tileentities.
  • Updated Configurate with various bug fixes and improvements
  • Improved stack overflow prevention and mitigation from recursive notification loops
    • Added better debugging information for when there are crashes with neighbor notifications
  • Added per-plugin reloading command. This does NOT reload plugins as a lifecycle event, this is just sending an event to the plugin as an opt-in listener from the plugin to perform any reloads it deems necessary
  • Refactor and clean up synchronization between Forge and Sponge events. Fixes a lot of issues where Sponge was not throwing forge events and vice versa.
  • Improve asynchronous block modification detection with Sponge. Sponge will not crash the server, but will politely point out that someone is attempting to modify blocks asynchronously and properly print out some report of said action.

Usually we try to outline the entire change log of issues resolved between builds, but since our fancy downloads page does that pretty well for us, I’ll leave it to you to read through the detailed changelogs on our new subdomain for downloads!

I present!

It will be transitioning from to simply More information to come as the transition is completed.

The Sponge development team will be progressing to move forward with more frequent recommended builds as large refactors that took place to improve performance significantly delayed this release. If you are a server administrator and have some understanding of reporting issues with detailed issues and would like to participate in testing in-development fixes for said issues, feel free to join our New bugged Sponge Testing Discord server!

As this testing server is fairly new, the layout and setup of the server is ever changing; however, the common community rules are still in effect. If you are found to be disrespectful or counter productive to our direct line of communication in working on bug fixes, you will be muted/banned without hesitation.


Shall I prepare the FLARD bath and the electrodes, master?
The changeling can keep the homunculus company.


Yes, please do, we need to get some changelings to spread FLARD so we can construct more sinks.