New to Sponge: Basic Questions to ask

I am prone to using Spigot ever since I learned about it a year ago. I had always hosted a miniature server for friends and family since before then with the basic Minecraft server files.

I’ve always wanted to use Forge Mods, but I really loved things like MCMMO for Spigot.

With that being said, lots of players would leave my server to play stuff with things like Pixelmon and the sort.

So here I am, re-exploring the aspect of Sponge.

How does it work with the Forge and Spigot Plugins?

Do I NEED to have a SPONGE Plugin to work with the Sponge Platform?

Or can I download a Spigot Plugin, and use that with Sponge, and use a Forge Mod such as Pixelmon with SPONGE…or do I need Sponge-Specific versions of those mods/plugins for it to work.

Just trying to explore something that could seemingly be better, and make the server that much more enjoyable. There are few MODs from Forge I’d use, very little in fact, but Pixelmon would be something I’d enjoy using alongside something like MCMMO.

Thanks, and sorry for the long post.

Sponge uses a completely different (and much better) API than Spigot/Bukkit. Spigot/Bukkit plugins will not work on Sponge, only Sponge plugins will. All attempts at reimplementing the Bukkit API in a Sponge plugin have been abandoned by their authors. SpongeForge is a Forge mod that loads Sponge plugins; you do not need ‘Sponge-specific’ versions of Forge mods. I seem to recall a MMO-style plugin starting development recently which promised McMMO-like features eventually, but don’t quote me on that. Other than that, McMMO does not have a port or equivalent for Sponge that I know of.

In the future, please use the Sponge Docs before asking “basic questions”, as that is precisely what they’re there for, and the search button in the top right-hand corner before asking if certain plugins have been ported or have equivalents.


Im not sure if its possible but both Sponge and Bukkit have the ability to run on BungeeCord (a server mod that allows you to run multiple servers and switch between them. So if its a option. You maybe able to have a forge mod server and a bukkit server running side by side. I know its not perfect and im not sure if its possible. But its a idea.

BungeeCord isn’t a server mod, it’s a server which players connect to and which connects to other servers. And the goal he’s going for is McMMO and Forge on the same server, which isn’t possible.