New to Sponge & FTB, can't get plugins running

Hey there.

I’ve set up an FTB Infinity Lite 1.10 server, and I’m trying to start with adding plugins into the mix, such as a discord sponge plugin, and it’s not even registering much less generating a config file.

I am using AMP as a web panel/wrapper for managing the server.

I’ve tried placing it in both the plugins folder and the mods folder both with no luck.

Any ideas? TIA

Eliminate the guesswork, read the Sponge Docs. :wink:
SpongeForge is a Mod, so it goes in the Mods folder.

It’s also important that the version of Forge you use is at least as recent as the one Sponge asks for. You have a mismatch there - SpongeForge wants Forge 2123, but your mod-pack has 2119 (earlier). You can either roll back to an earlier version of SpongeForge, or update your version of Forge to at least build 2123.

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Okay, I understand. AMP didn’t configure the setup properly.

SpongeForge was located in the mods folder as you stated it should be, but was too new, as you stated.

Locating the older one and replacing it seems to have fixed the issue.

Thank you.

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