New Versions and Translated Docs!

After much anticipation and much waiting, the translated sponge documentation is finally here! We can at last view and search the translators’ hard work. In addition to this, I have created a snazzy new homepage and a nicer theme so it is easier to navigate and read the documentation.

You can view the updated Sponge documentation here:

And if you’re a translator and wish to translate the docs into your own locale, please visit

Obligatory sad Spongie for if you hit a 404… :frowning:


I’ve to repeat myself:
Great work and sneaky design changes. I like how the docs turned out :smile:

And now:

If you mean “read all the docs” literally then GLHF learning 33 other languages. :trollface:


This is like putting steam into my translating machine guys! Thank you all for your hard work :smile:

I have a question tough: How frequently are the docs updated?

You should probably add a 401 redirect to people hitting /en/latest/.* since it’s 404’ing.
For example FAQ links are not found

Or move the docs into a versioned structure (like before) so /en/latest/, /en/1.0.0/, /en/1.1.0/ etc.

Just to add onto this question - will docs be written per language, or is there a specific group that writes them and then the translators translate it to other languages?

If the latter, is English the master language?

The latter, and yes. :slight_smile:

I believe the intention was for the docs to be rebuilt every time there was a push to the repo. I’m not sure if this has been implemented yet, or whether it is true for translations (as translation is done per-string, rebuilding for every string would be impractical :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Once the docs on git hub are updated, within an hour (I think? @gratimax confirm please! :smile: ) the translations are updated and pushed to crowdin, then once those are translated, it gets pushed to the site.

On a side note, I have noticed that the most recent/most voted translations are getting pushed. If possible it should be approved ones only. But that’s just my thought.


This voting system is still confusing me $:

When there are two translations voted equally, which one does crowdin put in the pot file?

Will have to test this. I would assume the most recent one, or the most recent voted one. I do think that once one is approved, that will be used. But that is me assuming currently. Will have to test it to be sure! Do you have any examples you can post? If not I will go digging :smile:

Right now don’t have any examples. I’m asking because when you uploaded all the translations from Transifex, some had errors and now I’m reviewing/correcting them so when I want my translations to come into effect I downvote yours… It has worked so far.


Sorry if I have the wrong place to ask, but could there be Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) lingual? It’s a bit deviated from the Taiwan ones as we use the different vocabulary system and the grammars.


Talk to @Inscrutable, as he’s the Documentation team leader.


We welcome more translations, as long as you can handle the task - it can be a lot of work. Please sign up at crowdin if you have not already done so. I have added (Chinese Traditional, Hong Kong) for you to work on.