Nickname/name change plugin?

I am looking for a plugin that will change the appearance of someone’s name, like how Essentials and related plugins had /nick. It would be nice if it also changed the name that appeared above the player’s head (effectively completely changing their name in the server) which Essentials didn’t do, I don’t think.
Is there any plugin that will do this or something like this available for Sponge?

EssentialCmds does this. It has the command /nick, with persistent nicknames. I’m not sure it does the overhead names yet though…

Yeah i saw that… but I want only the nick command and not everything else…

These essentials plugins come with lots of useful commands but they also come with lots of commands you don’t want or need… I wish someone would make a modular version where each command/function is its own plugin so you can install what you want :disappointed:

I don’t think there is anything quite that modular, but you might try Core… Last I checked the developer breaks down commands into groups and you can choose which ones you want to use.

Or, if you have a permissions plugin you can simply deny everyone access to each command that you don’t want to use.

Didn’t know core was partially modular; i’ll look into it

I know I can deny most commands but they are still loaded, wasting resources, and making things more complicated

Ok according to core’s features it has modules and you can also enable/disable each command :grinning:

well nevermind, core appears to be dead :sob:

Well I wouldn’t worry about wasting resources, most of the commands in essentialcmds won’t really use CPU unless executed. It’s pretty lightweight on memory too.

@dualspiral and I are working on a new project that is extremely modular, and hope to show you all soon :slight_smile:

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Yeah I am aware of that, and I am now using your plugin already :stuck_out_tongue:
Although it seems to only change your name in chat, but not anywhere else. Could you make it change name everywhere?

When you are talking about elsewhere, do you mean the nametag? If so I will see if I can do so soon.

nametag, join/leave message, player list, etc

Ah, I see. Will try to do so soon, but in the future keep requests of a specific plugin in the plugin’s thread :wink: