Night Vision

I’m looking for another easy plugin, that gives players the option to enable permanent night vision, with two commands

  • /light on (night vision on)
  • /light off (night vision off)

The messages should be configurable, or just be “&6&lLIGHT &8> &aON” and “&6&lLIGHT &8> &cOFF”

The permission could be just “light.use”



I created a plugin like this as I saw your request.

Currently it doesn’t give you any feedback but I could add it if necessary.

You can download it here:

Hope, that I could help

The only thing I urgently need is the permission “light.use”, I don’t want all players to be able to use this.

The permissions are:


If you don’t have a permission plugin, only ops can use these commands.

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I haven’t given anyone permissions and yet all the players can use it - any idea why?

Ok, on my test server I couldn’t do this when I weren’t op.

But I made a new version so that you can use it too.

Download Link:

To migrate from the old version follow these steps:

  1. Download the new .jar and put it into the plugins folder
  2. Delete /path_to_server_folder/config/de.yottaflops.permanentnightvision.conf
  3. Restart the server
  4. Stop the server again
  5. Add your name to the list of the ops in this file: /path_to_server_folder/config/de.yottaflops.permanentnightvision.conf
  6. Start the server again

When you finished this, you don’t have to restart the server over and over again to add new ops. To do that you can just edit the config file and then do /light reload in Minecraft.

Example config file:

nightVision {
op {


Don’t forget to update the numberOfOps in the config file when adding new ones

So I can’t just give them a permission, I need to add them to the op file as well?

When I do so, and they use /light on, it turns on night vision for the ENTIRE SERVER, I want it to be personal, is that possible?


Looking at the source, all the permissions do is allow use of the commands. The actual effect requires op, and applies to all players

I’m guessing you wouldn’t be able to change that to apply to only the player, and not require OP?

I decided to just write my own real quick.

permission is nightvision.cmd.light, messages are configurable.

Keep in mind, if you remove this plugin and players have this night vision toggled on, they will forever be stuck with night vision.

EDIT: I take that back, looks like death removes the effects…

So I decided to take my project into a slightly different direction. The latest release contains a variety of potion effects now, All with configurable messages, and you can now apply effects to other players, if you have permission. They are all modular therefore any potion effects you don’t want to use can be disabled in the config. To align with the new direction, the project has been renamed, and commands have slightly changed as well as permission nodes. More details here if you are interested.

Awesome dude, that looks great!
Thanks so much for the help.

Hi TrenTech, i downloaded your plugin.
What is the ingame command i use to toggle nightvision please?
Many thanks