No Clickable Links?

So i am hosting a server and want to autobroadcast the link to my forums example

please send feeback on then the user clicks it and is brought to the category feedback

but this seems like it does not work :confused: i have been looking all over the place (google) and ended up finding nothing usefull :confused:

It’s dependent on what plugin is doing the broadcasting. The minecraft chat format allows for linking in text but only if you specify that you want a link. Some plugins may auto detect links that start with “http://” but otherwise you’d have to be explicit.

well so lmy site is like this

but if i paste it in mc the link is not clickable :confused:
i didn’t test it with broadcast taugh

Straight-up typing that link into chat, it is clickable in the client, just not underlined or highlighted in any way, with the https:// form. The pluginless server /say will not make it clickable.

So the thing comes down to if you already have a plugin for doing broadcasting or not, or if you are looking for a plugin broadcaster to use, and if the link is not clickable in your chat as-is just typed in - then what plugins you might have that are modifying the chat, if there is a plugin that overrides and formats the message to be unclickable unless written by someone with the right permissions, etc. What about other true-form positive-control tests as well, for example, to make sure that your client configuration isn’t set to deny clickable links asking you if you want to open a browser, etc?

You’ll need to give folks here some details like what server version you have, which build, and a list of all the plugins/mods on it so that someone can see “oh you have X, you need to set xx=true in its configuration file” or “XXXxx is the thing controlling your messages, you need to enable/disable a setting in it, or add a !! symbol at the front of anything you want to be a url” etc etc

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everything is enabled
tried to click the link with https and whitout nothing worked

“Everything is enabled” isn’t a very helpful or useful statement. If you have 17 plugins , are you sure everything in every one of them is enabled? Do you set things to enable evern without understanding what you are setting? What about a setting:

StripAwayWebLinks = false

in some plugin - clearly, the unenabled setting is what you want in that case, to not exercise ‘strip the clickable links away from all chat input’ aspect of that plugin…

Again, you need to state what your environment is - because if you’ve reduced it down to just a naked server and a naked client, no plugins or mods, and don’t have clickable links, then that runs counter to what a naked server and client combo should give, and indicates a discrepancy that needs to be addressed there. Otherwise, if it works on the bare combo, but not with X plugin/mod installed, then you now know where to focus, and see if there IS a configuration or instruction for said plugin on HOW to make the text clickable for it, be it an enable OR a disable setting required, or just a “how to format the text so that it will appear in link form in this plugin” instruction to follow.

Otherwise, without being clearer, you could be using a really old legacy minecraft version like 1.2.3 because of whatever nostalgia reasons (That happens quite often, there are beta-version servers out there even, and “Cause enough folks think that xyz feature broke minecraft so we prefer to stick with this earlier version” ) and no amount of suggestions or ideas offered could be helpful to you due to that version of client/server having that behavior at all.

Folks need to be able to see that you have a valid system that a control test can work in, and again, if there are any plugins that are immediately recognizable to them as “that is what is causing the problem” with suggestions to fix…

i mean Screenshot - c8a802a8a99465d10a383813862a9b28 - Gyazo

Okay, fine, that isn’t “Everything is enabled” since a server has a few hundred settings as well, that is just you confirming that your client will follow links in chat, while doing an excellent job of cropping out even one piece of helpful information such as the version of minecraft…

Server version:
Plugin list:
Mod list:

Otherwise, everyone is going to be guessing “your server is running the Xyz plugin, and you need to disable the security feature in it” and you’ll say “Nope, I don’t have the Xyz plugin”, and someone else will then apply their mind to it and say “The problem is because of the Pqr plugin, that was a bug that got fixed in the later release versions” to which you will say “Doubt it - don’t have Pqr plugin” until the game gets to be too tiring to play along any further.

Help us to help you

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its working now >_< no need to rage