No new posts for two days?

Hard to believe there hasn’t been any posts for two days…

You should probably check your settings, since there’s been plenty of activity.


I am inactive right now because I’m spending my time developing a mod for cities: skylines. Also a lot of real-life stuff.

But I will be back soon!


Did that, didn’t seem to matter. Still not seeing the number of ‘new’ posts.

Oh well…

Try view Sponge Forums

Image of the appropriate settings:

But still nothing (no icon) indicating there are any new posts.

I’ve found the lack of activity a good thing, seeing as I’m @ a convention in Holland, Michigan.

@FerusGrim casually lives an hour from Holland.

I was playing GTA V :stuck_out_tongue:. I totally forgot the forums for a couple of day.

Hey, it fixed itself…

Maybe whomever fixed the New York Stock Exchange yesterday fixed this too…