NoAdver | Automated advertising blocker

This is a multi-API plugin that runs on bukkit and sponge. And is designed to automatic block advertising. It checks the urls on 3 ways:

  • Checks if the url has a open port on 25565
  • Checks if the url is an enjin website
  • Scans the website after an url that has 25565 open (multithreaded + you get a message when this occurs)

It also checks these things for urls:

  • Chat (done!)
  • Signs
  • Books
  • Anvil

Github Repo


Nice work!

What it can not do is block other minecraft server websites or shortlinks, but I think that goes too far.

Also think about excluding the url of the server the plugin is running on, and partner servers (whitelist in config).


Yeah I was thinking about that xD. But I thought I could make something autmatic that the minecraft server can figure out what his hostname is. Still thinking about that. I like things to be configless ;).

Why specifically enjin? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well lets say you wanna start a minecraft server. What would be your temporary/final solution for a website?
But if you know other minecraft website hosts xD?

There is a incomplete open sourced one called Minecraft Server Engine(for lack of a better name) That I’m working on, It’ll have hosting(not free) but anyone will be able to run the source(As long as it’s not on shared hosting) It’s going so well I may even need a java dev soon! (for the server management statistics.

Most certainly not enjin :stuck_out_tongue:


For a Server website, I would use the services of my server hoster, or a generic web space provider.


Wouldn’t the check be a terrible security hole for servers that are behind ddos protections that hide the true ip?

The attacker could find out the hidden ip by simply setting up a web server on port 25565 and logging the connections.

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also the same for bungeecord networks without proper setup.

You also need to make it follow SRV records. Frankly I think this will be bypassed as easy as current ones. Just replacing the . with another character or just spaces.

Hmmm if you want I can make a web service (that can be called from another server) for that plugin to call. But wouldn’t that be a a overkill XD.

HI thomas15v,

Your code is great, I looked at the source. I am the owner of a small server and I took some code snippits out of your code and patched it into my code. I kept your package name the same, though. The plugins I make will be private and obfuscated, so people can’t get their hands on my code. Thank you for this great piece of code.

~ frogocomics

PS My username on PMC is frogocomics. My username on the Forums is frogocomics… so onnn


Thanks I appreciate that !! :smiley:. This code doesn’t has a licence. And I honestly don’t care if people use it to make their own plugins with :stuck_out_tongue:. I need to find time to update this honestly.

(I prob need to take English lessons to, 2 times honestly :trollface:)

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You should declare a license, to make it clear what folks can and can’t do with your code. If you want them to do anything without restriction, there’s a license for that. If you want to be credited, there’s a license for that.


‘sneaks in, steals code and runs’


Jk, :wink:

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Yeah I thought having no licence is “nolicence” on github. But I have added a GPL3.0 on it. I like to see what people do with it, so I could improve it tho.

I recommend MIT.


Use GPL2.0 if you are after that. GPL3 has some weird shit going on according to Linus Torvalds.

I agree.

Hmm so far I see MIT is used for big community project like sponge. So that in case the dev’s don’t feel like working on it anymore, other people are allowed to take it over. But ok lol I set it to MIT xd. Not that I care to mutch about a licence :smile:. IT ARE MINECRAFT PLUGINS PEOPLE!!!

@thomas15v Yes, and open-source Minecraft plugins are usually published with a license ;).