Node.JS Minecraft speculation

Posted by “realtrelltrap” on twitch chat

Probably not a minecraft server rewrite but who knows!


I don’t really want to even try to discount this “idea” just because how insanely stupid it is – To sum it up, the work required to port the Minecraft server to node.js is insane, for basically no reason or benefit. Please stop spreading the lie, thanks.


You were on the SoS chat, and now you are on the forums!
You just discovered “inspect element” ?

Not new to the forums at all, just don’t post much.

“Now you are on the forums” meant “Now you are spreading this on the forum”

i just came from the twitch chat, im honestly hoping this is real because it would be incredible for me. kind of selfish but dropping in to say i support the idea and ill be following closely :smiley:

I’d go with Minecraft Realms stuffz.

I think this is fake, sorry… The time it took from the request of a screen to actually posting it was enough to create a proper fake.

Maybe a node.js style API for MC? Who knows, we’ll have to wait to find out.

Frankly this seems useless to me. Writing the server itself in node.js is difficult and kinda weird now that the client and server would run on two different platforms. It would make things much more confusing. Possibly some node.js management frontend? Thats the only thing I could think of.

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Perhaps he is finalizing the plugin api, and is making something like apt-get for plugins.

Why would somebody just hit up Dinnerbone? Also, Dinnerbone is apparently not following said person and only people followed by him can send him PMs due to his settings. Also, the whole “conversation” is completely contextless. You don’t twitter PM sbdy saying “sup”. And the dev info bit is just plain nonsense. What is he? Somebodys personal news feed or what?

Not to mention that using node.js for the MC server is plain stupid.

Nuff said.


Just… No. That’s ridiculous and unneccesary.

Lots of work and no benefit.