Non-existing java version required

SpongeVanilla asks for JRE version or above.
It says it can be downloaded from oracle, and links to JRE version 1.8.0_144, which is the version I have installed. It doesn’t seem like version exists.
Do I need to go to some mysterious domain to find version

It just means anything more recent than 1.8.0_40. (which was a long time ago).

So that error is downright weird.

Depends on what version (of Sponge) he is trying to install. Quite a while ago, the comparison for the java versions was based on alphabetical string, and thus failed only once folks started installing java 100+ and got that error. It was fixed quickly after that, but a bunch of the older systems would have that error - nothing from the past year should at least…

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The Sponge version was 1.8-3.0.0-BETA-132. 1.8.9 and upwards seem to work fine. I guess I’ll have to discard the old version.

Yeah… 1.8.x versions of Sponge are long since abandoned. I’d already start recommending to try and use 1.12 versions in the nearer future as Sponge’s implementation is stabilizing after a bunch of recent implementation changes (read necessary). 1.10.2 is still supported, and likewise 1.11.2, but 1.11.2 has definitely gotten left outside in the rain by the forge modding community it seems.