NostalgiaGen 0.6 - Generate Minecraft Alpha/Beta worlds on your Sponge/Forge server


I wonder if it would be feasible to add this in as a separate dimension


Sure can, depending on what plugin you use to create / modify the world you can easily add it as a seperate dimension as it’s registered as a world gen modifier

/world create alpha M:nostalgiagen:alpha_1.1.2_01

From the Original Post, that nostalgiagen:alpha_1.1.2_01 is the id of the modifier to use.

So any plugin that allows you to create an additional world, that takes in a world generation modifier will work.

But be warned, there’s currently a bug that means that the config is never updated, so the world gen change is never saved.

So the steps I’d take to work around it would be:

  1. generate a new dimension with the modifier.
  2. stop the server, then start the server.
  3. edit the config of the new world, and change the config to be enabled, as well as adding in M:nostalgiagen:alpha_1.1.2_01 to the list of world modifiers.
  4. delete that world, and start the server, regenerate it with the same command / name.

That should ensure that the world correctly keeps generating using that modifier. If you don’t follow those steps, and get hit by the bug, what might happen is the next time the server restarts it starts generating the old terrain again.


Minecraft 1.12.2 ? API7 :(?


Please do not hate me. I made some modifications to your mod because I wanted the vanilla structures to generate in my beta world. And as I knew that the structures would generate even not having the appropriate biomes motivated me even more to have the most complete experience. This was the initial goal of downloading his mod, frustrated soon after. It was three days modifying class partially overshadowed and now I leave it to anyone who has the same goal as me. Only four class were modified.

For Minecraft 1.11.2: NostalgiaGen 0.5 with structures: Download (Forge)

Some images:
The water temple.

The temple of the jungle.

The portal of the end.

The mine.

A very beautiful village never seen in minecraft before.

It is possible to disable all just with one button.

[/spoiler]. This mod is unique, so do not be angry.


NostalgiaGen 0.5 with structures fix.

Fix: Removed acacia village.
In the constructor.
if (this.mapFeaturesEnabled == true)
Acacia wood does not exist in minecraft beta.

Fix: Monuments one block below.
world.setSeaLevel (64); //alpha and beta.
Now monuments generate at sea level correctly.
The download link remains the same.


My opinion:
Seasonal Forest: Forest
Forest: Birch Forest
Shrubland: Swampland M
Much better.
I used logic because it does not make sense to put a biome with a name that does not match.

I ported NostalgiaGen 0.3.1 - 1.8.9 to forge. Version without structures.
For Minecraft 1.8.9: NostalgiaGen 0.3.1: Download (Forge)


NostalgiaGen 0.6

Requires Minecraft 1.12.2 (latest stable/bleeding builds of SpongeVanilla, or Minecraft Forge)


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.12.2
  • Reduced hacks in Sponge plugin, NostalgiaGen now exposes a custom world type instead of a world generation modifier (see main post for updated instructions)



Are you sure?

I was testing in minecraft 1.8.9 the solution. I have not tested on more recent updates because of time. In minecraft 1.8.9 try this:
Blocks.leaves.getDefaultState().withProperty(BlockLeaves.CHECK_DECAY, Boolean.valueOf(false))); on
this.func_523_a(i, l, k, f, (byte) 1, Blocks.leaves.getDefaultState().withProperty(BlockLeaves.CHECK_DECAY, Boolean.valueOf(false)));

void func_523_a(int i, int j, int k, float f, byte byte0, IBlockState l)

Newer versions must be something equivalent. I hope I have helped and you succeed in fixing this bug.
I will still modify version 0.6 when I have time. :slight_smile:


Generally, yes. Something like this should work. But if you do this, the trees won’t decay anymore at all, even if you chop them down so you’d always need to remove the leaves manually.

Nevertheless, this should probably be made configurable, because you just want the world as-is sometimes.


There is a bug in all versions, if I try to load a beta or alpha world with this mod, the biomes that will be placed will be from minecraft vanilla outside the mapping if the chunk has already been generated. This bug does not occur if you use a class that extends WorldChunkManager (Minecraft 1.8) as does the dead OWG. I used NBTExplorer to change the world type to the mod. The version tested was the forge. This bug occurs when the minecraft will fill the biomes tag on a chunk generated, it uses vanilla WorldChunkManager.

If you make a world with the same seed, the same biome of the image appears. The world of the image is of the PC Gamer Minecraft Demo.
The tag that I say is this: tag.
If you delete this tag from a generated chunk the same bug will occur.
Chunks that have not yet been generated, generate as expected.


You are partly wrong. If a leaf with the boolean true decay, the leaf with the false boolean also disappears. That’s how the big vanilla tree works. The vanilla algorithm is very similar to the old one, so what I did actually works, but has to get all the woods, there’s always some hidden. For never decay the variation is decayable: false. See the picture are two booleans.
I recommend you test what I did, exactly in the method I modified. I tested. I need to record a video? It takes a long time, but decay. The larger the tree, the longer it takes to decay the last leaf.


I’ve been using this mod for a while, and I love it. There is only one thing that would make it better for me, and it’s something I’ve been looking for for several years but haven’t found.

Is there any chance you could add the Minecraft 1.2.1 - 1.6.4 generation to the mod in a future update? I understand that coding this obviously takes a lot of time and I appreciate what the mod is able to do now, but if you could add that, that would be awesome.


I do have an open issue to add them, but I’m afraid it seems unlikely that I will ever find the time and motivation to do it. With each update, the world generator got more complex, so all the newer versions are also much more work than the old ones. Sorry :frowning:


I understand. Still, if you do find the time and motivation, thank you.

I think we can all wish that Mojang would just implement the old generators as an option in the world setup menu, as unlikely as that ever happening is.


any chance you’ll release the source code for this? i’m very interested in knowing how it works


It’s pretty simple. I took the MCP deobfuscated source code of the old MC versions and updated some method calls etc to the equivalent version in newer MC versions. This is why I can’t release the source code, and theoretically, couldn’t even offer compiled versions at all. The MC source code is proprietary code owned by Mojang.


ah, i see. thanks anyways


Since you’ve mentioned it, I’ve been thinking about refactoring the code, essentially switching to a system based on patch files (like Forge). That would allow me to release it as open-source. It will take a while to set it up, though.


I’m wondering if you could add the Generator from Beta1.8/Release1.0. That’s kinda like my absolute favorite of all Versions. Any chance that this happens?
Besides from that, keep up the work on this :smiley:


I’ve answered a similar question two months ago: