Not Enough Items Download link?

Does anyone have a download link for NEI and Code Chickencore thats compatible with Sponge?

Thanks in advance!

Last time I checked, the server does not require anything for NEI to work.

Not Enough Items has also not been updated and replaced with its successor Just Enough Items.

What’s wrong with the official NEI download? link:

server crashes on starting server with NEI univ. jar.


and it makes no difference which version I use

Thanks - it works but is missing custom enchanting, switch between modes etc

Why do you need to put the mod inside the server? It’s a client mod.

i’m running a client server …

NEI and CCC are for MC 1.8 but you’re trying to run it on a 1.8.9 server.
If you want SpongeForge for 1.8 then you’ll have to use build 1045 with forge build 1577

Thanks, but by the look of it I’ll have to do with JEI then