[Not Needed Anymore] EconomyManager - Unifying Economy Plugins

EDIT: The official Economy API is being implemented soon, this has no use now
EconomyManager is an API built to provide universal methods to allow economy plugins to be used by other plugins that require an economy. It is easy to implement and use, requiring minimal effort. EconomyManager uses the Sponge Service API to provide its economy across plugins. EconomyManager will handle errors and logging for you.

EconomyManager on GitHub

EconomyManager Wiki

How to use EconomyManager

###Plugins using EconomyManager:

To get your plugin added just send me a PM on the forum.

Economy Plugins:

Plugins that use an Economy:


I know that many people believe that there is no need for a plugin like this, but in my opinion, I believe there is a need. Without a plugin such as this, each plugin would have to individually add support for each economy plugin. The reason is that there is no set interface/standard for economy API’s. This plugin provides a standard.

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Good job! Let’s unify all the economy plugins out there. :smile:

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Thanks for the support!!

They’ll be an EconomyService PR’d to the API at some point which means they’ll be no need for a “manager” to manage all the econ perms. They can simply use the service.


Well until that happens, EconomyManager is your plugin! :smile:

You said the project is completed, just needs documentation, can you upload it to git?

I just pushed EconomyManager to GitHub

EconomyManager GitHub link

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Great job. Will use the Eco PR when it’s out. though, but this is a great API you’ve got here.

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so many unifying economy plugins. what should i use now? :tired_face:

Just wait until a proper economy API is implemented in sponge…

EconomyManager is now fully released and documented! Links are below.

EconomyManager on GitHub

EconomyManager Download

EconomyManager Wiki

How to use EconomyManager

Disregard EconomyManager - Sleaker has added Economy to SpongeAPI.

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Changed title to be more descriptive.

Hi To all. It will be a good idea to make a one Economy plugin, and all will use it, as to have to many plugins and each plugin use then another economy system.

What do you thing. Can you all work together as the Sponge community to make it better then others and make it for users?

Like your all job. You makes a good thing.


HI, I would like to test it with the latest version of sponge, but it doesn’t work.
Have you any newer version, that I can test or when you plan to make it compatible with the latest version?

Unfortunately, EconomyManager is no longer supported. This is due to the fact that there is an EconomyService API PR that will be hopefully accepted soon. Until then, there are multiple Economy plugins with an API. For now, I recommend using EconomyLite or TotalEconomy.

As for creating one economy plugin, I don’t believe that that is a good idea. Competition is a good thing, it pushes developers to continue to update and improve their plugins. This bring features that never would have happened with only one economy plugin around.

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Thanks for help. And sorry that you stopped it. It looked as a very good plugin.