Not sure if there are plans for a wiki, but I made one anyway

First off, the link.
Basic MediaWiki install, not a whole lot to it, if there is something better out there it might get migrated.
Again I’m not sure if there are/are not plans for a Sponge wiki, but at the very least this can serve as a “community” wiki.

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Do you have a link so I can have a look.

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See this thread: Server Owner/Admin Guidelines/Training

Its in the OP as “First off, the link”


@sk89q what do you think?

lol people can only do so much with their time. The project is only a week old and curating a wiki is a lot of work. They are “living” things that require constant adjustments. It’s sometimes easier for something so early in development to wait a bit before documenting it in a wiki. You’d be making constant changes as the underlying system evolves.

you know that there are github pages you could use for the wiki right

Yeah, but we haven’t decided how we’re gonna do it yet.

Sure, but I figure it’s good to try and have some groundwork in place. Even if it gets scrapped there will be good takeaways.

Plus wikis are slightly more formal than google docs.

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I hope this is the original wiki :wink:
for all information, and for me a
development thread pls :wink:

Looks cool, but we should try to keep all sponge-related things on Sponge servers in my opinion. Have you reached out towards the management to try to make that page official?

Chances probably are that they will want to host it in a subdomain of, for an official wiki. You could offer to transfer it to them if they want to use it as an official one.

I bow to you sib: Grabbing the domain was a good idea. Might end up deprecating or re-purposing mine depending on what goes down.


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