Not sure what sponge version I need

So sponge is only available for versions 1.8 it seems but I’ve recently created a 1.7.10 pixelmon server and most other pixelmon servers out there are 1.7.10 at the moment. What version of sponge would I use for that kind of server? What’s compatible with that and is going to work? If someone could help me out with this it’d be very helpful. Thank you.

If the answer is “There isn’t a 1.7.10 version of sponge” then what do almost all pixelmon server use right now to support plugins for their 1.7.10 servers? Is there anything else they may be using that works?

Sponge only works with 1.8.

So then what are most pixelmon servers using? As I said almost all pixelmon servers up right now are using older versions of the mod which are in minecraft 1.7.10 and they have plugins and all that working. So what are they using for that?

I don’t know, but before there was MCPC+ that was supporting mods and Bukkit together.

Yeah I worked for a pixelmon server in the past who used that, and I wouldn’t mind using that because of it’s compatibility with bukkit plugins, but is MCPC+ still in development and being updated?

I don’t know if it’s still in development.

Well thanks for the reply, maybe a pixelmon server owner will see this and be able to answer it for me haha.

But if you search Pixelmon server plugins on google, there is a lot of thread about that.

I’ll have to try and look into that more, thanks.

The answer is they are using (illegal) distributions of Bukkit - kCauldron and stolen builds of the now non-existing project, Cauldron.

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