NoXray [v0.3.3-beta][1.10.2]


Yep, unless the server owner is insanely stupid to install this plugin and gives away the map seed.
It should stop:

  • Xray Texture packs
  • The Xray mod obviously
  • It will also stop ChestESP if the chest is totally covered by blocks

Atm I am working on asynchronous calculations and caching. Since it is calculating the same thing over and over again for each player (at tick time). What is something I don’t really like.

I also want to add additional hiding for blocks that are in the dark. So people are forced to use torches to make ores visible.


Nice! I see no support for 1.8.9 though ;-;


I am still waiting on until Mixins update to 0.5.11 on spongecommon 1.8.9.


It’s okay. I’m waiting for the Pixelmon Update to come out for 1.10 so I don’t really need a 1.8.9 release :joy:


I have added some more issue with features I am working on:

I would like to hear some idea’s you guys might have that I might have missed :slight_smile: .


Do you have a working version of this for 1.8.9 yet?


And I would like a version for api4


Nope I have been busy lately. Also that this isn’t that easy to do properly. Ofc I can hack the plugin so that it works on 1.8.9. But I rather have something generic… .

It also looks like spongeforge 1.8.9 had a update of mixins, but for some unknown reason it doesn’t apply the refmap provided in this plugin like the other sponge versions do.

Isn’t that the same like 1.8.9 lol? Not that it really maters, this plugin barly uses the API :confused:.


I just said the same thing, but in other words :wink: Ie acceded to the request.


No jar for the plebs for 0.3-beta? xD


Yeah I was expecting to get 0.4 out faster. But I keep getting hold up by all kind of projects :frowning:. I uploaded it now.
(let’s hope it doesn’t blow up servers :s)


Hey there. I love your mod! I was wondering, would it be possible to implement something like this?


It looks nice but that isn’t the intention of this mod/plugin :slight_smile:.
My idea is to make any xray mod/client useless if you install this on your server. So that Xray abusers just can play on the server knowing that their tools won’t work. What orebroadcast tries to achieve is detecting these players for “banning fun”.


NoXray affects the pistons.


You mean it hides the extended piston block? I will look in to it when I come home (in 9 days … ).


Yes. He flashing. I replaced the video… a little better.


@thomas15v when will the problem fixed?


Alright ill stop trying to do impossible shit with bungeecord. I am on it right now xD.

EDIT: urgh this doesn’t make sense, my plugin isn’t doing anything while the piston is doing it’s thing… . (this might take some time).

EDIT2: Problem is fixed:


I checked. Works. Thank you!


I believe this is broken. I’m using the latest builds and able to X-Ray perfectly fine #1771 spongeforge 1.10.2
EDIT: It works just shows cave contents from afar even after adjusting config settings