NoXray [v0.3.3-beta][1.10.2]


I still have to work on cave content :slight_smile:.


I have a question, Can you make an Anti-Xray but not hidding the ores but show many ores like Anti-Xray on hypixel server ?

If you want an example of what I try to said :wink: :

I don’t know if it possible with sponge but I think it’s the best idea compared to just hide the ores and the caves :wink:


This is possible. But rather resource intensive.

Also I have been slacking with this plugin for a while. Once FTB infinity evolved 1.10.0 comes out I prob will give this plugin a good update :slight_smile:.


Okay no problem :wink:
You said “rather resource intensive”, resource from the server or from the client ?


Server resources mainly. With the current modifier it only hides ores and checks if they are visible.
To show many ores I need to scan all the blocks and see if they are visible.

Once I have caching setup I might add that generator. But atm I am trying to keep this plugin as lightweight as possible :slight_smile:.


I understand yes :slight_smile:


The eternal dilemma :slight_smile: Hiding at least works, and simplifies, but can then make it easier to see far away at things…

Whereas the orebfuscatore alternate mode of high-entropy chunks makes adding fitlers worthless by making you search for a needle in a needlestack instead, and is insanely effective. But at a high cost indeed, such entropy addition per chunk intensive and higher bandwidth

I found the majority of folks hitting my server before for xray would react violently seeing such entropy and then just leave right away, so I’m considering having my spawn be in a location where I use the virtual blocks to send the chaos for a layer underground and around for some distance out, so if they xray, they’ll have a solid couple layers at least blocking view in most directions, but make them non-interfering with the server ie if no xray you’re not going to encounter them, and just filter off the “my xray is always on” folks from getting outside of spawn


Heh, You just gave me an evil idea TheBoomer,

At your spawn, where the land is protected, just completely fill it with ores.

They log in, think there’s anti xray where there isn’t then immediately disconnect :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be doable too - all parts underground for at least half of the view radius just really, physically put it there :slight_smile: Would work best if firstspawn =/= respawn


That wouldn’t work on the folks that turn it on after they establish a small base lol.


It’s possible to hide ores even if there is an air-block next to it but the ore is too far away from the player ? The plugin would be even more efficient :wink:


Any news on the cache system?


Just tested this plugin using latest SpongeForge and it has a serious RAM leak with your networkChunkMap. I suggest running the plugin for a bit on a sponge server then run the command ‘/sponge heap’ to dump the heap so you can analyze.

NoXray - Anti-Xray solution for sponge

I want this amazing plugin on my server…
But sadly i have Thermos 1.7.10…
I do want to make it 1.10.2…
I can even make some small plugins for 1.10.2…
But damn Flan’s mod weapons and vehicles are sooo cool!!
Even Orebfuscator gives error and dev of Orebfuscator ignores modded servers!!!


Hello,I like this plugin very much.I want to share this plugin in MCBBS.Can you agree with me?


can you make it hide all ores?


Sorry for the late respond. I have no issue that you share my plugin on MCBBS, I don’t know chinese so even if you did without asking me I wouldn’t have know anyway XD.

Its all about fine tuning. Sure thing I could hide everything, but how smooth it will be is another question. See for more information about more types of modifiers being added.

I am sorry man, but their is nothing I can do about that. You could try to convert this plugin to a forge mod and work out the mixin conflicts. But since I also refused to support 1.8.9 sponge, you could think of this being a lot of work xD.


Thanks but i guess im gonna wait for my server’s 2 main mods to release a 1.10.2 version and it seems they are working on it…
Also i have a suggestion for this plugin:
Its really good that it hides ores but xray is still usefull for gun pvp servers. There is a plugin for 1.8 bukkit called NoMoreESP, can u add this option to ur plugin and hide players behind any cubes?
Since u are working on packets sent to players it should be easy for u…


Hiding players/entities behind blocks is an entire new functionality that might get in this plugin, but isn’t a functionality I am aiming for at this moment. If you think this functionality is crucial you can open an issue on github:

Also for people that want faster support for this plugin, github is the place to be since I do not check the forums that frequently.

I also added a discord server: , in case folks want to bug me directly. Don’t be afraid to ping me :smile:.


Was the memory leak reported by blood ever corrected?

Thanks in advance,