NoXray [v0.3.3-beta][1.10.2]


Can you protect xray resourcepack ? because xray use ultimateresourcepack.


I don’t think xray resource packs exist in 1.10


X-ray resource packs no longer work with a vanilla client, but a modified client can X-ray. However, I believe this plugin stops that.


The ‘classic’ all-transparent resource packs cease to work in the modern vanilla mojang clients, but the ones that include a thin frame of dots around the edge or specks throughout count to minecraft as "This is not an all-transparent block, so we can render it visibly while showing the transparency’ like it would for ladders and glass and torches and such…

They will make deposits of ore appear solid black unless they are air-exposed on a face (and lit?), and can identify chests etc as ‘not quite a full block tall black spot’, but it can definitly see through a hilly forest tree / grass/ dirt / stone combo and such to see special blocks and such.


Hello, ive run into an issue where ores from other mods show up regularly. Is this plugin only capable of hiding vanilla ores?


i need noxray for 1.12.2 xD


With the agreement of thomas15v I resumed his project which became Mirage. :slight_smile:


ok thx, but i have some problems :smiley:
is there a discord for help?


I don’t know many about making plugins but i want to ask if it is possible to make this plugin for Spongeforge 1.12.2 ?


It was renamed: here