Npc editor (Compatible with pixelmon)

Hi, if my request already has a working plugin I apologize, Link me xD unfortunately I have not found a plugin that allows you to create npc custom sellers, who use skins of your choice (including those of the mods, see pixelmon sellers) and which allows you to sell everything (even mod objects and commands) for virtual currency or exchange with other objects … Can it be done? The perfect plugin would be this with the addition of customizing the npc for quests, run commands, etc.

VillagerShops will let you make NPCs who sell and buy things. It won’t handle commands though.

Unfortunately it is not compatible with pixelmon, it would have been perfect!

Whih breed of Pixelmon, Generations or Reforged? You should provide a bug report to the plugin developer, so they can figure out the incompatibility. It should work.

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Reforge,And I’ve already done it

The incompatibility with pixelmon is not that critical, as described in the setup guide for villager shops:

What’s the Problem: Pixelmon by default is replacing Villagers with trainers. While this is all fine in most cases, this will make VillagerShops loose track of the entity. As a reaction VillagerShop spawns a new villager, that gets converted the next tick.
Solutions: You can either not use any Villagers as shops (other animals / mobs should be fine), or go into your Pixelmon config and disable villager conversion.


Okay, Ok, it works, good! Tnks