NPCs causing crashing

Plugin: Eufranio / PixelBuiltQuests
Version: Latest Availble (1.4.1)
Sponge Version: 1.12.2-2768-7.1.5
Forge Version: .12.2-

Currently, any time an NPC is spawned into the server through PixelBuiltQuests(also does this with the StoryTeller Sponge plugin), if two players are near the NPC it will cause a client-side entity render crash.

This problem only occurs when there are more than one player near the NPC. We did test the other mods and Sponge plugins on the server and this issue seems to only be associated with NPCs.

Here is the full crash report from my client side: hastebin

This is a rather odd issue and I am not sure if there is a solution other than to find a Sponge plugin developer who can update the NPC methods to not cause this crashing. This is just a hunch though and I felt it would be best to reach out for assistance.

Thank you for your time on this matter!

EDIT: If you need any more information, please ask. I will give you more information.

According to that log… Sponge is not installed on that server…

-edit- oh right… I’m dumb… just woke up and clearly not awake enough to read :stuck_out_tongue: ignore this…

@d4rkfly3r It’s a client-side log


Being a bit behind on comments, I imagine you have either found a fix for this issue by now or have found another plugin for whatever you need our questing plugin for, but I have never had that issue occur with the plugin. Seeing you say it also does it with another plugin, I have to assume it is/was a Sponge issue.

Also, Eufranio posts more updates regarding the plugin’s development on his Discord. I believe he also said his GitHub has the most recent version. We run 2.1, which is his version 2.0 I tweaked a little bit.

Be that as it may, it could be an issue with PBQ. I’m honestly unsure. Between myself (the previous owner and current coder) and Dwindlin (the current owner of PixelBuilt), back when we heavily used the plugin, I’m sure we had a quest for each feature in the plugin, as it was designed specifically for us and how we wanted it to do things so my money is on a Sponge issue since we never have had the plugin cause any crashes.

Sorry for the late, random reply. Was just scrolling through random Sponge pages and stumbled across this, figured I could help in some way.