Nucleus Extention [Hoverable Text Meta & More] [Completed]


Picklemon server owners trying to get more plugins made for the community.

Work Needed
Nucleus addon that brings features that Deluxechat offered.
Allow Different aspects/Meta of nucleus to offer hoverable text within the chat. So that if a player were to hover over a meta tag it could display its own additional information, if they hovered over a seperate meta tag it would do its own etc etc. So basically every part of the chat could be further extended and customize-able with hover text options.

Support for Gluon/Placeholderapi in all aspects without a hard placeholderapi version dependency would be ideal.

Rasgnarok Today at 2:27 AM
I just want a meta LP component that allows me to display hovers over keys


Public Release

I will be paying for the plugin but during development I’d like to have a group chat made between the developer, and Rasgnarok and I so that we both can keep up with the development and further explain what we’re looking for.




To add my take (note that I am not part of the commission), this is requested in Nucleus itself. Any commission should still be discussed with Khaoz and Rasgnarok, but you can also talk to me on the issue itself if you like:

I would like to see this as part of Nucleus proper, as part of its markdown like syntax. If someone wants to PR the code, rather than creating a plugin (not sure how you’d do that), I would be happy to see that. You’d probably need to decipher and add to this class, though I would like to rewrite this at some point.


I wasn’t sure how it could be handled either by creating it as another plugin so you’re probably right that it would need to be a PR of nucleus. but this has been a huge staple in nucleus that needs to be fixed since other plugins like ultimate chat can do it yet do it so inefficiently and complex that its not viable to use that plugin; Thus I’m wanting to see it come to light in nucleus and very much so willing to pay for this to be done and made publicly for everyone’s benefit.

And yes picklemon


still interested in having this developed.