Nucleus Plugins, problem OP

Hello, I install the plugin “Nucleus” on my server and I have to configure a lot of permission, but even being OP console, I am not OP Nucleus. I have searchin Nucleus documentation but I don’t know how be OP, help me please! :frowning:

This is to do with Sponge and Permission plugins. Nucleus checks for permissions the way Sponge wants to. Sponge throws it to the permission plugin to check.

What is your permission plugin?

Oh i see

I have install PermissionEX

Now the problem is on the tutorial that I find, the configuration file is a .yml, while at home they are .json, does it change things?

I would highly recommend you use the recommended permissions manager ‘luckperms’. At last check permissionsX was very broken…

Ok, I’ll do that, thanks :slight_smile:

With Luckperms, you can not create and edit groups directly on the file and not IG? I can not find the config file: /

LuckPerms uses proper databases, you have to edit all ranks in-game.

Read the Luckperms wiki a bit and you will discover you can change the storage system to “file”, and then hand-edit if you like. However, it is often much safer to do so via commands (and tab-auto-completion), as errors become immediately obvious.