Nucleus Pregenerator VS Chunk Pregenerator Mod

Im fishing for opinions on the following two pregen methods.

Which one of the two is better to be used when pregenerating a heavy modded servers world?

Nucleus pregen method which i believe hooks into sponges pregen


Chunk-Pregenerator which can be found here:


Should i be using something else?

What are you guys thoughts on using both? Pro Cons? Adv Disadv? etc etc etc

Thanks for your time,

Personally I much prefer the mod you linked, I’ve been using that for a couple years, never had any issues with it, the Nucleus one seems really slow in comparission, but I’ve never ran them identically side by side before so it might not actually be slower.

Iv ran some pregen tests for both and sizes seem to be the same. The mods huge advantage is remembering where it left off unlike nucleus starting over processing what it done already.

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