Nucleus: The Ultimate Essentials Plugin (MC 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2)


Hey there Dual coming from 1.7.10 to sponge was a change to say the least but I have to admit using Nucleus is so easy and I am very grateful for it thank you for all the hard work you put in to it and for the hard work you will continue too. That being said was curious if there was a way to add a cool down for the /rtp command don't want silly people spamming /rtp every 2 seconds, lol.


Check the nucleus config folder


I'm a Dumbass didn't even see that, I apologize for my derpyness. Thank you for pointing that file out to me. To my defense (maybe) it is right at 3am here. lol


Hey Dual, anything on the chat issues I was having yet or still busy and need time? Just curious because I would like to have my chat completed to my likings before I release my server :slight_smile:


Hi, how can I fully disable the weather on the server with nucleus ?


/world ls To see what the world is disabled. In fact, it remained enabled.

I executed commands from the console. The players were not. After deleted the world manually. On occasion, try.

Nucleus - The Ultimate Essentials Plugin

Anyone know why I can make a line in link.txt that makes a hyper link that works fine to link to the but not to my discord channel address?


Seems to work fine for me - is your URL of the form


&bOur Discord Channel Come Join Us!!!comes back with the same thing that I just wrote but it isn't clickable it only works if I just use the website address



Oh, my mistake. I need to update the URL parser for that, missed a character somewhere...


ah ok gottcha yea it was driving me crazy, lol. because it was doing the same thing for the website link aswell. so how will I get it to work will I need to update the plugin when you update the URL parser? still new to this whole sponge thing.


Yeah, you'll need to update the plugin, because it's a bug in my code. I'm going to do a fuller 0.15 release this week, but I'll put a testing build on here in a few minutes when I've fixed this for you and anyone else that wants to try it.


Sounds good thank you for the help, excellent plugin btw.


now if I could only get the sponge-discord bridge plugin to work for me I would be set..the grind continues...


So, here is that pre-release of 0.15. It's not a proper release as I haven't gone through all my testing on it yet, but this should tide you over. Contains both 1.8.9 and 1.10.2 versions.

Note to all: 0.15 will (most likely) be the last feature release for Minecraft 1.8.9 (API 4.1), as we move on to support 1.10.2 (API 5) and 1.11 (which I guess will support API 6)


do I need to pack up my configs first before I throw the new .jar in will it keep my old configs or will I need to redo them all?


Nah, backing up is always a good idea, but just replace the old Nucleus jar and it'll do its magic.


sweet thanks again


You're very welcome.