Nucleus: The Ultimate Essentials Plugin (MC 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2)

@Riddle I have a build you can try which might speed things up a bit:

Let me know how it goes, it might not give you the full speed boost you need, but hopefully we’ll be able to identify extra bottlenecks and direct them to the right place, at least.

Thank you! Looking forward for all the future updates :slight_smile:

Yeah - totally my fault. Nucleus shouldn’t need to do any caching on those calls.

I’ll fix things on the LP side when I get a chance. (probably sometime tomorrow)

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Thanks a million man! I will throw it on and check it out. Keep up the great work.

I am using BuyCraft to handle my donations. I want to have it so that upon donation, BuyCraft runs a command to change the rank of the player who donated to the donor rank. What commands do i use with buycraft that will allow for this? Thanks!

Nucleus is an essentials plugin but does not provide much permission/rank functionality. Ranks and the commands to manipulate them are usually provided by a permissions plugin such as PermissionsEx, PermissionManager, or LuckPerms.

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I have a suggestion. Can you make permissions for max speed? So just like max homes, we have max speed a player is allowed to set.
And is there anyway to change /fly’s default speed?

Love the warp Categories . But I’m wondering how to change the order of them when using /warps. What I mean is.

I want to make it go Worlds, Nyx, Efa, Rama, Other
And possibly change the order of the warps inside the categories.

Is it possible to somehow ban all players using that ip? Since ipban can easily be countered by changing ips

So … how will banning the IP help? :confused:

He wants to ban all players using an IP at a given time, so that if their IP address changes, they’ll still be banned, because the ban is still per player.

Oh, all usernames connected with it?
Does /seen or /whois or whatever variety is within this not provide that info?

Or is an explicit command for that function wanted?

It would be an explicit command, I expect, to ban everyone that is currently on a certain IP address.

error in spongeforge-1.10.2-API5.1.0-2171-BETA-1973
Could not pass ClientConnectionEvent$Disconnect$Impl

Full error code link :

Hi, it’s possible to make a /spawn command that teleports you on a specific world spawn and not on the spawn of the actual world (im using project worlds) where you are and it’s possible to turn off the big holo mots with the worlds name and cord when spawning?

Version 0.16.1 is now available for Minecraft 1.10.2 and 1.11

also known as the “He finally fixed that Surface only /rtp bug” release

This version supports Sponge API 5 (1.10.2). This build also works with current Minecraft 1.11 with API 6 servers, but this might change in the future.

This release has the follwing new features:

  • /spawn other has been added to send other players, both offline and online, to spawn.
  • Added a config option to drop excess items when redeeming a kit.
  • Added player’s UUID to /seen.
  • Added /nameban to allow server owners to ban the use of an IGN, rather than a specific player.
  • Added /uptime as an alias to /serverstat.
  • Added /blockzap to allow administrators to quickly remove problematic blocks.
  • Added the GeoIP module (but disabled by default).

Notable fixes are:

  • /hat no longer has the potential to delete items.
  • Fixed problem that allows users to use colour codes without permission to do so.
  • Fix disconnect event throwing an NPE when a player is kicked from the server before they have logged in.
  • Fix /rtp:
    • Surface only warps now actually work.
    • Players will no longer /rtp successfully only to find they’ve ended up in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight.
    • Players will no longer /rtp successfully only to find they’ve ended up in a very hot magma bath.

A note on GeoIP

GeoIP is disabled by default, and once enabled, will require you accept the third party library licences that are now included in the plugin jar. We ask that you use the feature responsibly, while we display public data, we understand the privacy concerns.

To use GeoIP, set modules.geo-ip to ENABLED and restart, then set geo-ip.accept-licences to true (after reading the licences) and run /nucleus reload. The command /geoip <player> will be available to you, requiring the nucleus.geoip.base permission. To display information on login to staff, grant the permission nucleus.geoip.login.

See for the licences.


NucleusMixins has not been updated, the current version is 0.15.0. Note that the mixins may not work on heavily modded servers.

Download Nucleus and NucleusMixins from GitHub Releases: Release Version 0.16.1 (for 1.10.2 and 1.11) · NucleusPowered/Nucleus · GitHub

Command documentation is already up to date:

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Any information…

Its’s possible to add the feature to disable join, leave and death messages?

@anon34495435 Nope.

@outside64 Yes for leave/join messages, no for death messages.

In the main.conf file, connection-messages section, set modify-login-message and modify-logout-message to true, login-message and logout-message to "".

See for more info.

Ok thanks, a last question, it’s possible to remove the big holo message with the world name and cordinates, when you change world? or isn’t this a problem form your plugin?