NuVotifier - Votifier with more robust code and vote forwarding


Can this plugin be compatible with Enjin CMS?

I dont believe that its catching the votes that this plugin receives.


Okay i'm having some issues and I dont know if this is the same problem i'm having with EMPSponge.

When people buy items from my server store it doesn't go through.
When people vote on sites for this server it doesnt go through

I don't know if these are similar issues...

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1890 Forge


The issue has been fixed.

On the other hand API 5.0.0? <3


@tux are you going to update it to api 5? sponge 1.10


Would also love some news on if API 5 is coming


Same, would love to have info :slight_smile:

EDIT : To people wanting to get NuVotifier with a Sponge API 5 server, @Meegoo helped me find out that you can load the universal version just fine, available here :

Just download nuvotifier-universal- :blush:


Hi everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know I am now maintaining the NuVotifier plugin! I am not at all familiar with Sponge (Sorry!) but would love to maintain the plugin the best I can. I just updated the plugin's API dependency to 4.1.0, the current stable version of the sponge api. When the 5.0.0 API drops, I will update the plugin on receiving an issue in Github (which I watch religiously).


@Pymous I appreciate that you told us about a version of nuvotifier on API 5; I'm having a question. Would NuVotifier need a listener like VoteRight? If so they aren't updated to API 5.0 yet. How come some servers can run voting smoothly while being on API 5?



Because VoteRight can be launched on API 5, even if it wasn't updated to API 5.

But the last Sponge build broke it, so either stay a few version behind, or do without for a few days (weeks ?) till it update :slight_smile:


@Pymous I'm still at a stage where I can redo all of my work, but I cannot wait for weeks; let alone a few days. Could you possibly recommend a version of sponge which would run both NuVotifier and Votifier? Because new servers are mostly dependent on votes.

Cheers, again :slight_smile:


We're running Sponge 1684 right now, and it's working fine :slight_smile:


Thanks mate :smile:
Really helped me out.


When can we expect a 1.10 build?


been using nuvotifier-universal- on 1.10.2 for weeks just fine


Sorry for not updating this thread often. The new maintainer isn't on the Sponge forums, unfortunately. I'll contact them and see if I can get the thread transferred over.

I've updated the SpongeAPI 4.x download to the latest version (2.3.3).


Is an updated to 5.0 API coming?


Any Updates Soon?


So how do I set it to give commands like /give (playername) or a /myvotes command?


First install latest build for NuVotifier (im using it on 1.10.2) then u also need a listener, for that im using SimpleVotifierListener


I have got this from the command console:nioEventLoopGroup-2-1/ERROR [nuvotifier]: Unable to process vote from / , what happened? is it a fault from the server or the client?

Thank you!