NuVotifier - Votifier with more robust code and vote forwarding


u have any issues? cause im still using this on spongeforge-1.10.2 6.0.0 BETA 1853


I'm running this with EMPSponge, but it doesn't appear that it's working properly as votes aren't counting server side.
How do I fix this?
NuVotifier: v2.3.3
EMPSponge v3.0.15


Make sure you've set it up properly on the voting site with the public keys etc.


Any updates coming in the near future for API 6.0?


Only when it becomes stable will I add support.


@tux Lattest nuvitifer dont work with

crashs on startup


It looks like an issue with the Enjin plugin. It's their fault, not mine.


also getting this error... anyone have an idea as to why?
12.01 22:47:36 [Server] nioEventLoopGroup-2-1/ERROR [nuvotifier]: Unable to process vote from /-insert ip here-

other times i'm getting this error:


I get that same thing occasionally too


I get this error but I don't know what to do, can someone help me please?

16.01 13:48:00 [Server] Server thread/WARN [Sponge]: The mod seriousvote was designed for nuvotifier 2.3.3 but version 1.0 is in use. It may not work properly.


My other problem has been solved, but now They can not vote on some sites and I get this error 17.01 10:36:04 [Server] nioEventLoopGroup-2-1/ERROR [nuvotifier]: Unable to process vote from / So want do I need to do?


This can be ignored, I will be disabling the version requirement in future builds.


Was this fixed?


the last 1 didn't


Hi, trying to set up voting for a bungeecord server and can't seem to get it to work. Wanted to try troubleshooting it with you first before I move on to asking the SeriousVote to see which config/plugin/whatever is causing a issue. There is so many things that can cause this not to work that its hard to figure out which, but hoping I can get it figured out

NuVotifier config:

SeriousVote config:

Screenshot of error message in console:

To my knowledge all needed ports are open, the voting websites themselves detect and say the server are online and that voting is enabled/working, I mentioned earlier the server is a bungeecord server. All servers + the bungee have Nuvotifier and are all running the same config and the listening key being used is the Hub worlds, Hoping that its just a dumb mistake on my side that can easily be fixed, but willing to try any troubleshooting tips thrown my way, thanks!


I am also getting the issue that has already been reported, no votes are coming through and this error is being tossed in console: 04.02 16:28:54 [Server] nioEventLoopGroup-2-1/ERROR [nuvotifier]: Unable to process vote from / @tux


Apologies, I'm not usually active here.

@IBG_Nova Try debug: true and double-check your configuration.

@Zach_B I suggest rebooting your computer and then restarting your server. I'm not a Windows expert by any means.


NuVotifier 2.3.4 has been released as well.


I figured out the issue and it was my mistake of not adding different ports for each server but now I get this: in Bungeecord consoles. Any idea on that?


I'm also getting the '[nioEventLoopGroup-2-1/ERROR] [nuvotifier/sponge]: Unable to process vote from /-insert ip here-' error that's been reported before. Getting this error after testing it with debug modes on.

Here's a pastebin of my nuvotifier config file aswell


NuVotifier Version: 2.3.4
Sponge Version: spongeforge-1.10.2-2221-5.1.0-BETA-2169


Fixed the issue by completely removing nuvotifier and restarting the server pc, starting the server without nuvotifier afterwards and reinstalling it after that.