Occasional Lag Spikes but unsure what's causing them

One of the servers i work for has been having a lot of short lag spikes but i am unsure what’s causing them. Been looking into the issue but i can’t put my finger on it exactly from the timings report.
Anyone willing to help a man out?
(To me the only obvious lag is what seems to be my economy plugin, nucleus and griefprevention. But unsure what from each plugins exactly)
I’ll be including a timings report.



In my expirence, most of my lag spikes have been caused by either world gen, or simply a lot of players loading a lot of chunks, especially if they’re in another dimension. I’ve also noticed that loading some bases, such as ones with a lot of tech in it, can cause spikes. I can’t think of any more examples off the top of my head though.

I already preloaded the world, but i don’t think it’s chunks. We also don’t have other dimensions apart from the overworld