Octium - The new browser

Huge update!: Now added a torrent downloader! :open_mouth:


I will try it once chrome extensions are working and it is in at least Beta, Nice Job!
(Can’t live without Adblock(Eww not AdBlock Plus, gross)

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any update?
<lol fuck tacular no one will ever read the part of the mother fucking post, lololololololololol>

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It’s kinda a side-project ill update it when I have time.


Developer tools? Please tell me you took Chrome’s… So much easier to navigate then Firefox’s. I gather that since you forked Chrome, that you are using Blink (or WebKit for an older version).

EDIT: I just realised I necro’d this and I hate myself for it :frowning:

Is this just a re-make of Chrome tho?

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Torrrent in browser? I need this.

Get the hola extension for chrome, allows you to stream torrents in browser from magnet links.

I can help translatting the browser in french if necessary :slight_smile:

Any yet another well rounded project dies due to lack of interest…so sad


And I was looking foreword to it to.

I am sorry guys.

So is that confirmed that this project has been put on the back burner? If so I would recommend releasing the src for other interested developers to dive into. sharing is caring.


Shoot. This was impressive.

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Welcome back guys, I have returned. As you might know I have been away for a while, because I was, first of all, very busy with school and my job. And I also wanted to try out something else. But I started working on Octium again, as everyone was so excited about it. Because I want it to be an all-in-one browser, I decided to add a little feature. If you can call it little. It has something to do with the DarkNet. You might have heard of Tor before, well it is sorta similar, also if you have read my previous post, I am working on a search engine for the DarkNet. The thing I am working on for Octium is a protocol which you can select from your settings. I will call it SHTTP, or Spread Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Which, when requested to a website which has SHTTP intergrated, will send the packets you requested back via a multiple of servers, to you and other random selected users, so it becomes untraceble.

Update: Added this graphical explaination of what I mean exactly. This might be easier for some users.

On the note of updates. From now on we will be using this logo (Thank you to the original creator Shmector <3)


Why can’t anyone make an original browser anymore instead of basing it off of other browsers because then essentially your browser is gonna be pretty much the same thing for the most part.

I disagree. Why should anyone reinvent the wheel? You’ll hardly be able to offer plugin compatibility if you code from scratch.

Way too much work. You’d have to rewrite the whole HTML/CSS/JS interpreter, rendering engine etc. I don’t even know how much work it is… I assume it takes you years to get this implemented when doing it alone :wink:


Fueled by coffee <3
Oh, and isn’t TOR doing what you’re trying to achieve via SHTTP?