Octium - The new browser

Hi guys! :smile:

While you’ve been busy downloading Chrome and such, I was busy creating a whole new browser. Its still in Alpha and not ready for public download yet. But for the sake of believing here is a screenshot:

Octium Alpha 1.1

DuckDuckGo Search Engine.

Basically I collected some code from populair browsers like Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome and combined the nice features of those. Maybe the most awesome feature I added myself is the customisation. You can customize everything from the color to the style. The Add-Ons from Chrome sadly dont work (yet!). More screenshots will come soon. Still creating a GitHub should be up soon. Got any suggestions? Wanna help?

The Omnibar you see used in this picture is from the Midori browser. Which is a very lightweigh open-source browser, which I use to read text.

Update 10-10-2015.

The Omnibar has been changed, DuckDuckGo is from now on the default search-engine on Octium. Mainly because it is (one of) the only private search engines there is for the surface web. (See picture “Octium Pre-Alpha 1.1”. This version is still very buggy and nowhere near for consumer use.

FAQ (Coming soon) - Website - Google+ - Twitter - GitHub - IRC


I hope you didn’t take the slowness of IE and the lack of flash from Apple :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like you forked chrome. Which part is from opera/firefox?


The tab list seen in the screenshot is from Firefox, The omnibar is from Opera.

I don’t use Opera much, but if I understand correctly your browser doesn’t have chrome’s omnibar. Is opera’s as good?

I personally can’t stand anything but the omnibar.

More likely a Chromium fork plus some Firefox. Only one way to be sure.

Looks fancy, might like to try it later on. :slight_smile: (providing it doesn’t eat up 30% of my CPU like chrome does at times :angry:)

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Yay for GPU acceleration!

As long as it has more of chrome look then firefox, I’m all for it.

Mine only gets there when I have ~30 extensions

Mine gets there easily for some reason, I check task manager and there’s like a separate process for every tab >.>

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Because that’s how you are able to play audio/video in one tab while in another tab.

Still though, my web browser shouldn’t take up as much CPU as skype does, heck I don’t even know why skype needs 30% either! >_>

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Its a Chrome Canary fork.

Personally, Yes it is as good. It has some good and some bad features but yes it is as good.

Actually, you can do that with one process too, if you use threading correctly. Not like it ain’t possible in Firefox :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried compiling Chromium but I was unsuccessful. That was months ago though. Its probably easier to do now.

This should be an addon imo, not something out of the box. I don’t use such things right now and it’d just be added strain on my limited network connection.

You can disable it in the settings.