Offical Jesika hates us thread

@Jesika on IRC hates both me and @octoshrimpy. :’(

We try and we try, but she hates us all the same.

Please love us, @Jesika .

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/me makes senpai joke*

I don’t hate anyone. I absoLUTELY ADORE EVERY ONE OF YOU.


must be my new style. it hides the <sarcasm></sarcasm> tags automagically. <3

That’s fine @Jesika because I hate you! </3!


I don’t go on the IRC channel anymore, If you misspell a word or forget to capitalize something you literally get corrected by at least ten grammar nazi’s. It starts to get annoying after a while.

The only time I ever see anything like that is when someone capitalizes the beginning of each word.

Grammar Nazis - plural, not ownership of nazi. <3

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Agreed. That Does Bother Me As Well. I Don’t See How People Can Cope With It.

/me kills self

Seriously, though, it’s everywhere on the internet. Whether it’s some random chick on Facebook, or some people in gaming communities.

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Ghrhammer Gnawtsis… U WOT M8 T^T

Just kidding, but seriously. The IRC chat does seem to focus more on fixing grammatical errors, than helping people answer server questions.

As I’ve said, I’ve never seen anyone be grammar Nazis often. Sure, the most helpful advice isn’t always given, but I don’t see most people trolling around being grammar Nazis.