[OLD] VillagerShops - Set up Mobs of any type as admin shop. Shops will use a Inventory-Menu to buy/sell items


Ah thanks, good to know… not a fan of that yet, but I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Ok, the docs are not very descriptive regarding to options… to the option key is pretty much the same as the permission node up until the last dot and the value is everything after that?
So the “permission” vshop.playershop.limit.10 would result in the option vshop.playershop.limit with value 10?


Sorry for the late reply !

Having the --at and visible ids are my main requirements and I am glad that you plan to implement them.

Regarding accents, I just tried to add é and è but they didn’t display nicely ingame. Maybe it was because of my windows test server, I will do further tests on my linux one.

Can’t wait for the next updates :smiley:


Release Version 1.2

Everything Keuterio wanted (I hope I didn’t miss anything :wink: )


options are single variables , not permission node strings, and depends on the permissions plugin being used as to how to represent them, but you’ll always find “prefix” and “suffix” as core option variables in whichever implimentation.


Thank you for clarifying that

Release Version 1.3

Added skin support for llamas, rabbits and parrots
Silenced shop npcs
Changed the dash(-) in /vshop add to a tilde(~) (e.g. /vshop add ~ 5)


Great options, I couldn’t bare NPC sounds :joy:


I’m getting this error using v1.2 and v1.3 ( this is from v1.2 ).
Any ideas ?


reading the error: ... java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Lde/dosmike/spong e/languageservice/API/PluginTranslation;

I’d say you did not install LangSwitch. Looking at the mods forge loaded I’d say you did not install LangSwitch.

The first line in this topic sais this plugin requires LangSwitch.

Please tell me what else to do so people will read that. This is not meant to sound rude, I really don’t know what else to do for people to read that.


Haha, I really didn’t see anything, I’m stupid…
Now works like a charm, thanks !

Edit: @DosMike Was it intentional that I could kill shopkeepers? They spawn again after kill. It would be better if they were untouchable.


it was easier to just not to make them invincible since they respawn anyway. also in case they do happen to get disconnected from the plugin somehow you don’t have drop it into the void but can just kill them


Yea but, I’m using AdventureMMO and the player will be able to kill them constantly and thus he will be able to increase his level of skill easily. It would be good to sign shopkeeper as invicilble ( using command f.e ). And killing NPC without any penalties is not RPG like. Thanks !


I’ll think of something


Great ! Let us know if will you have something !


ok now: do you want me to just block damage to the shops or shall I additionally open the shop when someone “attacks” it?


Block damage to the shopkeeper. Shop could be open using right click.


Release Version 1.3.1

Prevent shops taking damage from other entities


Versions 1.1-1.3.1 not work on ForgeSponge 1.12.1(latest build)


I know, it’s still built against spongevanilla-1.12-7.0.0-BETA-306, and every release states this. The latest build has quite a few changes that, if just converted would break compatibility with APIs below 7. You’ll have to wait until I figure out the new cause system after the WebAPI integration


You may need this code for a more convenient translation of the plugin.


1st the docs are Russian, I’m not, so I got no idea what that stuff does.
2nd I’ve got my own translation plugin in place that’s pretty convenient already and as far as I can tell mine does not rely on the order of format string arguments and can also replace Text into the translations
Edit: 3rd it looks like that class can only handle 1 translation at a time while LangSwitch can load as much translations as needed to translate for all players on the server