🏆 AdventureMMO [v2.0.7] [API 4/5/6]



This plugin will bring a fun MMO experience to your sponge server! It adds a number of different skills. Each skill can be increased in levels and gives awesome abilities.

Each player will have a certain level in a certain skills, which can be increased by doing actions connected to the skill, e.g. mining ores gives EXP in mining, taking fall damage gives EXP in acrobatics.

Each skill has multiple abilities connected to it, e.g. Double Drop, Roll and Giga Drill. Some abilities can be activated by sneaking and right-clicking, other abilities will activate by chance. A list of abilities can be found on the wiki.


  • Mining: :pick:
    Mine ores to get better rewards each time.

  • Excavation: :amphora:
    Dig through the ground to find great rewards.

  • Woodcutting: :deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree:
    Cut down all the trees to get better rewards and instant tree-cutting.

  • Fishing: :fishing_pole_and_fish::fish:
    Fish the pond empty to get awesome rewards.

  • Farming: :tulip::ear_of_rice:
    Grow crops to get more rewards.

  • Acrobatics: :dancer:
    Train your leggs to avoid taking fall damage each time you fall.

  • Swords: :dagger:
    Train your sword handling skill to get great abilities.

  • Axes: :trident:
    Swing your axe like a champion and hit multiple enemy's at once.

  • Unarmed: :metal: :muscle:
    Punch those weapon right out of their hand and fling them miles away.

  • Archery: :bow_and_arrow:
    Train your sniping skills to shoot walls of flaming arrows.


  • Drag-and-drop installation
  • Everything is configurable
  • Use of the scoreboard (optional)
  • Economy integration (optional)
  • bStats Metrics


  • Config file where you can change any block/tool and add any block/tool from any mod. The id's of items can be found ingame by pressing f3 - h and then hovering over items.
  • Config for exp amounts, ability values, commands, economy integration and much more.
  • Each player has a number of personal settings, which can be changed using /settings.


/skill - Gives an overview of all your skills.
/skill [skill] - Gives you more info about a skill.
/[skill] - Shortcut for all skills (can be disabled in the config).
/skilltop - Gives you a leaderboard of every players total level.
/skilltop [skill] - Gives you a leaderboard of a specific skill.
/settings - Gives a list of personal settings.

/mmoadmin set [user] [skill] [level] <exp> - Sets a skill of an user to a certain level
/mmoadmin view [user] - See the skills of a specified player
/mmoadmin reload - Reload all files

/mmoadmin setblock <skill> <exp> - Adds the block you are looking at to the block database with the given skill and exp value.
/mmoadmin clearblock - Removed the block you are looking at from the database.
/mmoadmin setitem <tooltype> - Adds the item you are holding to the item database with the given tooltype.
/mmoadmin clearitem - Removed the item you are holding from the item database.



You can find all versions of the plugin here.

You can report any issues you find here.

You can find more information about the plugin here.

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VillagerShops - Set up Mobs of any type as admin shop. Shops will use a Inventory-Menu to buy/sell items

Describe what it is?

Do you plan to add the statistics of murders?
Do you plan to add the scoreboard?


Acrobatics increases when taking fall damage, it allowes you to avoid damage sometimes. The higher your level is, the higher your chance is.

I am planning on adding more stuff, including a sword, axe, unarmed and bow skill.


IS there any bugs


I have tested the plugin a lot, and i have not found any bugs yet.
If you find any, please tell me, i will fix them as soon as possible.


You need to decrypt every item

  • Mining -
  • Excavation -
  • Woodcutting -
  • Fishing -
  • Farming -
  • Acrobatics - Acrobatics increases when taking fall damage, it allowes you to avoid
    damage sometimes. The higher your level is, the higher your chance is.
  • Taming -
  • Salvage -

will disappear too many questions.


ok hope it wont mess up my server

Ok hope it wont mess up my server


I added some information about every skill.
Thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:


Is it possible to add item to the blacklist? For example, a wooden axe, as it uses worldedit.


Done, download version 1.2.1 to get it.


Thank you. Is there a way to add to the blacklist axe FoxGuard? Leaving simple Golden axe.


Im afraid not, you can either block the golden axe or not. Blocking it doesnt matter that much anyways, almost nobody uses a golden axe.



If you remove the armor (diamond and others), click on the gold block, then we will get the loot and armor clad. So intended?


It looks really cool ! I will surely try it :slight_smile:


I have noticed players sometimes get ghost items from salvaging, but they always go away when clicking on them. If you are in creative mode it wont go away though. Is that it?


You are right, sorry!


I made a new version with a lot of things improved, and some new features, i didnt manage to fix the ghost items yet though, its not that big of a deal anyways.


Is there a way to change the xp rate of how fast you level up? And control the rates of all the passive bonuses + choose the rewards


That will be in the next update, which will be in like a couple of hours


sounds like I'll be adding this to my pixelmon server in a couple hours :slight_smile: